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Better Energy Geothermal Installation in Quarryville, PA

Whether you’re a new homeowner or you haven’t upgraded in a while, you might want to know about geothermal energy. It’s a low-cost, high-reward way to power.

By tapping into the Earth’s temperatures, you can stay hot or cold when it matters. We’ll use a geothermal heat pump to save on your electric bill.

Not only will you be able to enjoy constant temperatures, but the heat pump is stable. Being underground, it won’t be affected by outside temperatures.

There are several things that go into geothermal installation in Quarryville, PA. The main point is this: You reap all the benefits, so call 717-415-8624 today!

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Benefits of Geothermal Installation in Quarryville, PA

There are a lot of reasons that you might want to use geothermal energy. A big one is that you can stay warm in the winter. Using parts buried up to 8 feet underground, the heat pump pushes heat into your home. A similar thing happens in the summer, where the pump will swap out heat in your house for cold fluid of the Earth.

On top of that, we want you to be informed and know about your geothermal energy. There are many parts that our experts know and we’ll recommend which one is best for your needs and location. However, we also want you to know what some of those options might be:

  1. A pretty inexpensive installation is the horizontal ground loop. It requires more space, though, because we’ll use construction equipment to dig up to 6 feet deep. From there, we’ll use pipes that connect like a slinky and run them into the heat pump in your home. Once we’ve verified that it works, we’ll bury everything and make the ground look good as new.
  2. The system you’ll see the most is our vertical ground loop. It uses significantly less space because it only needs 2 pipes made of High Density Polyethylene. We’ll bore down into the ground and these pipes connect in a U-shape. We’ll then seal the holes for maximum efficiency and to protect the Earth. 

There are other systems, so keep reading or call us at 717-415-8624 to find out more! Don’t wait to schedule your free inspection while you’re at it.


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Geothermal Installation in Quarryville, PA for You

There are 2 other main systems we wanted to talk about for geothermal installation in Quarryville, PA. There are more, of course, but these and the vertical or horizontal loops are the frequent choices:

  1. If you live in a colder area, you might need a well water loop. These have been called “Class V Thermal Exchange” and “Pump to Reinjection,” but we keep it simple. These are great for businesses, because we bore 2 holds into a source well and an “injection well.” We then use an aquifer to pump water into our heat pump, which then puts that water back into the aquifer.
  2. Arguably the least expensive options is the pond loop. While water typically goes between temperate extremes based on the weather, it’s not noticeable under the surface. If you’ve got a big-enough water source nearby that isn’t used for activities like fishing and boating, we can use it. In fact, pond loops have benefits to the animals in that body of water.

As you can tell, geothermal installation is a great way to use the Earth for “free” energy. Give us a call now at 717-415-8624 and let us tap into it for you, so that you can enjoy consistent temperatures year-round. The best part is that your loop system might even help the environment!

Jennifer L.
Null, PA - Repair or Service Furnace or Forced Air Heating System
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Very professional. Did a great job. I would recommend and will hire again in the future.
Larry S.
Mountville, PA - Repair or Service a Heat Pump
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Thanks for fixing the problem that my OLD Hvac service company said nothing was wrong. I knew something was wrong the humidity was higher in side than it has been in the last 6 years. It does not feel clammy in the house NOW. Thanks a lot Rob and TJ.
Jason J.
Landisville, PA - Repair or Service a Water Heater
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Rob and T.J. provided wonderful service. Arrived on time, explained the repairs and associated costs well and answered all of my questions. Fixed our hot water heater and toilet swiftly. I really appreciated Rob and T.J's professionalism and I'm happy to know that we can call a company we can trust whenever we are in need of service for Plumbing or HVAC. They really went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.
Patrick M.
Parkesburg, PA - Install Natural Gas or Propane Furnace / Forced Air Heating System
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Great communication and timely install.
Cleon G.
Lancaster, PA - Repair or Service a Central Air Conditioning System
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Very good with customers. Found a problem within ten minutes. Corrected the problem. Offered services to prevent possible future problems. Pricing was very fair. Very cordial and professional. I will recommend them to my customers in my inspection business. C.E. Grove

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