Save Money on Your AC Bill

Save Money on Your AC Bill​

Whether you’re trying to get more energy efficiency out of your unit or it just needs to be cleaned, air conditioner maintenance is essential. Not only can it improve the lifespan of your air conditioner, but proper maintenance can save you money in many ways. 

Of course, to enjoy these kinds of benefits, you need the help of a professional. Our professionals at Infinite HVAC Services are experienced with many types and brands of air conditioners. 

We know that a lot of home and business owners put off air conditioning services because of the cost, but it can be much more expensive to do that. Our work comes with a warranty you can trust, as well as other benefits, like:

  • Improved efficiency that can reduce energy costs
  • Minimize wear on other components for lower repair costs
  • Better unit performance and air circulation

Now that you know the possible results of professional maintenance, you might want to know what to expect. We also offer other services, so we’ll diagnose if you need AC repair in Quarryville, PA or the surrounding area during routine maintenance. 

Keep reading to find out the basics of AC maintenance and how it could save you money, or just call our team at Infinite HVAC Services today!

What to Expect with AC Maintenance

It’s highly recommended to have regular maintenance done on your air conditioner for the best results. When you do, our trained technicians will inspect your air conditioner and perform a series of tests to identify any issues.

Through these tests, we can make sure that everything meets the specifications from the manufacturer. We’ll be able to note any components that aren’t meeting that standard of functionality, too. 

AC maintenance can involve numerous areas of your air conditioner. Some of the basics we typically do are make sure your filter is clean and check the levels of your refrigerant. We’ll also clean the various equipment of your air conditioner for maximum efficiency. For a better idea, here are 24 things that we may inspect during maintenance:

  1. The air conditioner operation
  2. T-stat operation and wiring
  3. Wiring protection
  4. Fuse size and proper disconnect
  5. Unit level 
  6. Make sure it’s on a proper foundation
  7. Correct breaker size
  8. Hail guard is in the right position
  9. Your air conditioner is free of obstructions
  10. Condition of the contactor, capacitor, and internal wiring
  11. Condenser coil cleanliness and integrity
  12. Filtration inspection
  13. Check the compressor’s amp reading (LRA/RLA)
  14. Test the compressor with a megohmmeter
  15. Inspect the amp reading of your condenser’s fan motor
  16. Test refrigeration levels
  17. Check the condition of service valves
  18. Test subcooling and superheating
  19. Check how clean the coil is
  20. Inspect the temperature drop across the coil
  21. Make sure the coil is the right size
  22. Check the coil and lineset for effective brazing
  23. Make sure the pan and condensate tubing is clean
  24. Check for safe and correct operation post-inspection

The Condenser and Evaporator

We’ll clean the outside condenser coil, which is a heat-exchange surface in your air conditioner. This allows heat to transfer from the refrigerant to a condensing medium. In order for it to work properly, your condenser has to reject heat from the load being cooled.

It also needs to reject heat caused during compression and the superheat from the evaporator. If you want the breakdown of your condenser’s purpose, here are the numbers for residential air conditioners:

  • About 5 percent removes the superheat from vapor
  • Around 85 percent of your condenser coil removes latent heat from the refrigerant
  • 10 percent subcools that liquid

Your condenser has to remove latent and sensible heat energy from the refrigerant. Bigger condenser coils give more effective surface area, which can increase the rate of heat transference.

A lot of brands will put more fins per inch on the coil tubing to improve efficiency of your air conditioner while increasing the heat transfer more. Any issues with your condenser or the coil might need AC repair in Lancaster, PA or the surrounding area.

The good news is that routine maintenance on your air conditioner can prevent your condenser coil fins from getting clogged or becoming inefficient. Without proper maintenance, you could end up with a complete system failure.

Another major component of your air conditioner that we’ll maintain is the evaporator. This is the cooling coil that lowers the temperature of recirculated air from the blower and reduces humidity. While refrigerant goes through the evaporator, air passes over the coil for heat transfer to the refrigerant in the coil.

Your evaporator tubing has a spiral scoring on the inside that can become clogged or blocked. If this happens, the evaporator can’t function properly or remove heat from the air. To get started with maintenance or AC repair in Lititz, PA, give us a call today!

Benefits of AC Maintenance

It’s essential to have maintenance done on your air conditioner at least once a year for the best results. If your home is prone to allergens or you’re surrounded by trees and pollen, you might consider having our technicians visit for maintenance more than once annually.

One of the main reasons for an annual maintenance, beyond making sure everything works right, is to keep warranties active. Without at least one professional AC maintenance scheduled, warranties could lapse and cost you thousands on AC repair in Manheim, PA or the surrounding area.

Another benefit of proper maintenance on your air conditioner is an improved lifespan. No matter what brand or type you go with, maintenance is critical to keep it running smoothly. We might be able to add years of use and efficiency to your system with routine maintenance.

Professional maintenance on your air conditioner can increase the quality and ventilation of your air. This has been connected with better productivity and well-being for homeowners in multiple cases. Being more productive can be especially useful in a business setting.

Whatever the reason you want or need to schedule your air conditioning maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. We offer anything from maintenance and replacements to AC repair in Ephrata, PA or the surrounding area, so don’t hesitate to call us today for all of your air conditioning needs!

You Could Save with AC Maintenance

There are many ways that keeping your air conditioner maintained by a professional like Infinite HVAC Services can save you money. If you don’t have annual maintenance, your warranty could become invalid and end up costing you a lot on any AC repair in Hershey, PA or the surrounding area.

Putting off maintenance can be just as bad for your system, because it can let minor issues go unidentified. Your air conditioner can also become less efficient over time or affect your electronics. Here are some of the main ways that you could save with AC maintenance:

  • Reduced energy costs. An inefficient air conditioner can end up costing you a lot more in electricity as components wear out. By getting routine maintenance, we can recommend small adjustments in your home or business to help you save. We’ll make sure your air filters are clean and the ducts are sealed during a maintenance check.
  • Save big on repairs over time. In many cases, issues with your air conditioner start small and get worse. What may have been a basic AC repair in Nottingham, PA could turn into a full unit replacement if damages get bad enough. With our maintenance, we can catch minor problems early and recommend the best course of action to avoid expensive repairs later.
  • Improved efficiency. When we check your air conditioner for routine maintenance, we’ll do a thorough inspection of the various components of your system. By doing this, we can pinpoint any parts that aren’t pulling their weight or that have worn down from use. These kinds of parts can increase the power demand on your electricity, so maintenance can lead to reduced energy bills.
  • Fewer or lower emergency services. Since it can be costly to constantly pay for a technician to come out after-hours, it’s important to have regular maintenance during normal business hours. Emergencies can happen with your AC repair in Oxford, PA or the surrounding area, but maintenance can significantly reduce the chances.
  • Keep your electronics safe. While many electronics have a vent or something to avoid overheating while in-use, they’re not designed to handle extreme temperatures if your air conditioner breaks down. At the same time, a failing air conditioner won’t circulate air the same and could allow dust to damage or clog up your electronics. Replacing or repairing your devices can add up fast, so the best solution is annual maintenance.

Our experts at Infinite HVAC Services will perform a series of checks during our maintenance to make sure your air conditioner’s operating properly. This will include cleaning the condensate, filter, equipment, and checking the refrigerant level. 

When you hire us for one-time or routine maintenance, you can trust that you’re getting experienced, thorough results. If we find any issues, we’ll recommend the necessary service to save you in the long-run.

Whether you need regular maintenance or AC repair in Peach Bottom, PA or the surrounding area, call us today for an inspection and estimate!

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